Music for Airports liner notes


Brian Eno

These are the liner notes from the initial American release of Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports / Ambient 1”, PVC 7908 (AMB 001)


The concept of music designed specifically as a background feature in the environment was pioneered by Muzak Inc. in the fifties, and has since come to be known generically by the term Muzak. The connotations that this term carries are those particularly associated with the kind of material that Muzak Inc. produces – familiar tunes arranged and orchestrated in a lightweight and derivative manner. Understandably, this has led most discerning listeners (and most composers) to dismiss entirely the concept of environmental music as an idea worthy of attention.

Over the past three years, I have become interested in the use of music as ambience, and have come to believe that it is possible to produce material that can be used thus without being in any way compromised. To create a distinction between my own experiments in this area and the products of the various purveyors of canned music, I have begun using the term Ambient Music.

An ambience is defined as an atmosphere, or a surrounding influence: a tint. My intention is to produce original pieces ostensibly (but not exclusively) for particular times and situations with a view to building up a small but versatile catalogue of environmental music suited to a wide variety of moods and atmospheres.

Whereas the extant canned music companies proceed from the basis of regularizing environments by blanketing their acoustic and atmospheric idiosyncracies, Ambient Music is intended to enhance these. Whereas conventional background music is produced by stripping away all sense of doubt and uncertainty (and thus all genuine interest) from the music, Ambient Music retains these qualities. And whereas their intention is to `brighten’ the environment by adding stimulus to it (thus supposedly alleviating the tedium of routine tasks and levelling out the natural ups and downs of the body rhythms) Ambient Music is intended to induce calm and a space to think.

Ambient Music must be able to accomodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.

September 1978


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4 Responses to “Music for Airports liner notes”

  1. ak'll Says:

    ky të shpëtoka jetën me vërte. falemnderit!

  2. loer kume Says:

    po ti ke nevoje te te shpetojne jten akoma? 😛

  3. ak'll Says:

    po ore, rrezik vdekje nga puna! : )

  4. skender kollcaku Says:

    me ne fund dy rreshta per kete album me kete titull kaq te paster!
    e kam degjuar shpesh pikerisht ne vendin me te pershtatshem, ne gati cdo aeroport nga ku jam nisur per udhetim.
    ne mengjes heret, qetesi e pergjumur, ora 6:34; je perpara xhamave te larte te aeroportit, ka mjegull, pak avione qe ulen e te tjere qe ngrihen, drita qe pulsojne, vesa qe ka zene vend mbi asfaltin… dhe muzika ne veshin tend te fal nje ambient jo thjesht te pelqyeshem, por te nevojshem per tu lidhur me ‘perjashtesine’ e shpirtit…

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