Down Rock Maj


Parenthetical Girls


  1. The Pornographer (Parenthetical Girls)
  2. One Minute To Midnight Dream (François Peglau)
  3. Written Within (Twiggy Frostbite)
  4. Dystopia (Yacht)
  5. Baby’s Breath (Billy Callahan)
  6. To Begin (Alela Diane)
  7. Are We (Craig Wedren)
  8. Benediction (Thurston Moore)
  9. Especially Me (Low)
  10. Land Majestic (Anni Rossi)
  11. Brother Sparrow (Agnes Obel)
  12. The Other Shoe (Fucked Up)
  13. Villains of the Moon (Cold Cave)
  14. So High (Ringo DeathStarr)
  15. Too Beautiful To Work (The Luyas)
  16. 4 Door Maverick (Howe Gelb & The Band of Gypsies)
  17. Bunhill Fields (Amor de Dias)
  18. Second Bird of Paradise (Rosebuds)
  19. Queen of Hearts (The Unthanks)
  20. Fly Baby, Fly (The High Llamas)


Nga Il mucchio Selvaggio…


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