Down Rock Prill


A Classic Education

  1. Cracker Wrist (Bardo Pond)
  2. San Pedro (Mogwai)
  3. Chelsea Nights (Lawrence & Leigh)
  4. Lovers Lane (Hunx & His Punx)
  5. Breadcrumb Trail (Buried Beds)
  6. I Am The Assassin (Dag for Dag)
  7. The Gaudy Side of Town (Gayngs)
  8. Out of Love (David Myles)
  9. Victory Walker 2am (Still Flyin’)
  10. Coming To Get You! (Electra)
  11. Apollo (Stockholm Syndrome)
  12. Wolfboy (Blair)
  13. Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes)
  14. Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars)
  15. Cayman Islands (Bart Davenport)
  16. Rainbow (Emilie Simon)
  17. Careful What You Say (Class Actress)
  18. Dog Years (Luke Rathborne)
  19. I Lost Time (A Classic Education)
  20. The Ship Song (live) (Amanda Palmer )

Nga Il Mucchio Selvaggio


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