Down Rock Shkurt


British Sea Power

  1. Are We Lovers or Are We Friends? (Acid House Kings)
  2. Last Train From London (Salteens)
  3. Living Is So Easy (British Sea Power)
  4. All Day (Concretes)
  5. Michelle (Rubblebucket)
  6. Terrible Day (Banjo Or Freakout Remix) (A Classic Education)
  7. Rope And Summit (Junip)
  8. Nightwatch (Acrylics)
  9. Clamor (Balmorhea)
  10. Shirley (Matthew Friedberger)
  11. The Solution (Winebirds)
  12. Arise, Watch (Buffalo Tom)
  13. Equestrian (U.S. Royalty)
  14. Bumper Car (Modern Skirts)
  15. Blackbird And The Fox (Twilight Singers)
  16. Don’t Know About You (Bardo Pond)
  17. You Don’t Have To Drive (Sleeping In The Aviary)
  18. Sea Talk (Zola Jesus)
  19. Peripheral Visionaries (Young Galaxy)
  20. Chinatown (Destroyer)

2 Responses to “Down Rock Shkurt”

  1. h-u-r-t-s Says:

    tani… po jeni artiste duhet te beni me patjeter nje artikull mbi HURTS
    jane interesante,, po ju kete e dini!

  2. Lady Germs Says:

    flm per kenget :)))))

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