Down Rock këngët e Shkurtit



  1. Gold Soundz (Pavement)
  2. Rulers, Ruling All Things (Midlake)
  3. Gray Death (Xiu Xiu)
  4. Go On (Basia Bulat)
  5. Gifted (Ghost of Summer Suns)
  6. Icarus (White Hinterland)
  7. Empty-Hall Sing-Along (Woodpigeon)
  8. Visitors (The Tenant)
  9. Dinosaur vs. Early Man (Common Loon)
  10. No East, No West (James Apollo)
  11. The Poor Boy Can’t Dance (Barton Carroll)
  12. Horses Warriors (Radar Bros)
  13. Good Morning (Rogue Wave)
  14. 33 1/3 (Mighty Tiger)
  15. Three-Two (Clogs)
  16. The Religion of Me (Drew Danburry)
  17. The Night You Left New York (Slow Six)
  18. Lemongrass (She Sir)
  19. A Hundred Hearts (Swimmers)
  20. French Kissing (Jason Boesel)

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