Down Rock Tetor


  1. Buzzer (Dar Williams)
  2. Keep the Lights On (Wave Machines)
  3. Cascade (Deluka)
  4. Carry Me (Malcolm Middleton)
  5. Little Sad Eyes (Magnolia Electric Co.)
  6. The One With the Votes (My Were They)
  7. The End Is Near (Fiery Furnaces)
  8. Reflection of the Television (Twilight Sad)
  9. The Darkest Horse (T.H. White)
  10. Cable Tv (Fol Chen)
  11. Tonight’s Today (Jack Penate)
  12. You Won (The Legends)
  13. Ancestors (Throw Me the Statue)
  14. Hubris (Quixote)
  15. Two-Headed Coin (Obits)
  16. Pyramids (Inner Banks)
  17. Three Sisters (Veils)
  18. Heading For Nowhere (Jets Overhead)
  19. In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul (The Clean)
  20. Why Don’t You Say Yes? (Heather Greene)

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